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How does it work? 

Dr McMillon will arrive at your location with everything he will need. You and he will decide on a good place in your home to set up. Treatment will be delivered, payment will be taken and any needed follow-up visits will be scheduled. It's that simple. 

Will you be on time? 

Dr. McMillon will do his best to be right on time. However, of course, there are things he can't control, like traffic, and travel may vary depending on the time of day. He will do his best to arrive within 15 minutes of the appointment time. He will typically call or text before heading your way with and ETA so you can be ready. 

How much room do you need? 

Dr. McMillon only needs a space that is approximately 5' x 8'. Most living rooms, work just fine. If you prefer to get your adjustment outside on the deck or patio, he would love to do that as well.

Will I need any special equipment?

No. Dr. McMillon will bring everything he needs to give you a great experience. 

How long will the visits last? 

That depends on what you need. The average visit lasts around 20 minutes. However, some people need a little more time, and some less. The more complicated your situation, the more muscle work and rehabilitation you need, the longer the visit. 

Will I have to clean my house before you arrive? 

Absolutely not.  Your health is our only concern.  Dr. McMillon will never judge you based on the cleanliness of your home. As long as there is space to set up a table he will get the job done. 

Do you accept my insurance?

Dr. McMillon is considered an out of network provider. The reason for this is that right now the average American has a very high insurance deductible (typically between $2500- $6000). If he was in network with your insurance carrier, then you would have to pay the FULL contracted rate for our services until you meet your deductible, which would cost over 100$ a visit. Most people never meet their deductible for the year. Being out of network gives us more control over our prices and the services we can provide saving you money. 

The good news is you can use your HSA or FSA or flex card to pay for your visits. And upon request, we will send you a statement with the proper diagnosis codes so that you can submit it directly to your insurance company for reimbursement or to be applied to your out of network deductible. 

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