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Functional Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

Functional Medicine uses an in-depth, whole person approach to addressing health problems. Dr. McMillon will perform and extensive history and examination, order necessary lab tests and recommend specific strategies to help you feel a lot better. 

For more information on what functional medicine is and how it works go to here

Initial  visit 


Follow up House call



Addtional patients 14 and older treated during the same visit


Additional patients  13 and under


Initial Consultation

A 15 minute one-on-one consultation to determine if your case is something we can help with and that our expectations and goals are aligned.

No Charge

Initial History and ExaminatioN

  A thorough history will be taken, we will answer your questions, and go over the intake paperwork and come up with a strategy for moving forward.


Follow Up Visits

The doctor reviews your results, provides a detailed report and strategy for healing, support material, and answers all your questions


Per hour billed in 15 minute increments

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