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Whether you are training for an event or exercising to maintain your sanity, let us save you time and hassle by coming to you. 

Athletic Injuries and Injury Prevention

CrossFit Exercises

Soft Tissue Injuries

Recreational and professional athletes require more than generalized massage, they require specific techniques to break down muscle knots and scar tissue that forms from years of repetitions and injuries. Dr. McMillon will use specific techniques to get you back in the action as quickly as possible and enhance your performance. 

Senior Golfers

Sports Chiropractic

Enhance performance, treat pain, and prevent future injuries by maintaining healthy joint function and alignment. 

Stretching Exercises


Muscle imbalance due to wear and tear, erroneous muscle patterns, or injury will lead to future issues. Dr. McMillon will recommend a rehabilitation program to get you back in the action faster. 

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