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Treatment Room

Healthcare in the safety and comfort of your home. 

Physical Therapist

Personalized Care

You get customized treatment to meet your specific needs in your own space. Since we see you in your home or work environment, we can make better recommendations for your care.

Family Walking Around the Neighborhood

Spend time on the important things 

No more hustling everyone to get in the car. No stress fighting traffic driving just to sit in a waiting room. Your time is valuable and can be better spent on what's important to you. 



Dr. McMillon knows what he is doing. He's great with kids, listens to your needs, and helps you get to where you need. Been seeing him for almost 2 years and I've noticed such a difference!


I struggled with chronic migraines for a decade. I found no relief even through treatment from some of the best neurologists in the US. I was finally coaxed into seeing Dr. McMillon. With treatments from him every few weeks, I have been essentially migraine-free for the last three years. Highly recommended!


Dr. McMillon is a magician, he knows right where the adjustments are needed and makes it happen. He is a subject matter expert at his craft.

To learn more, schedule your free phone consultation now. 

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